Vice Ganda Height

What Is Vice Ganda’s Height?   

So how tall is Vice Ganda? He is 1.8 meters tall, and his height in feet is 5 feet and 11 inches.

Just for comparison here are the heights of some of Vice’s co-stars:

Coco Martin – 1.68 m

Vong Navarro – 1.78 m

Anne Curtis – 1.68 m

Kim Atienza – 1.74 m

Average Filipino Male Height

The average height of a Filipino male is 1.618 m, so we can see that Vice Ganda is well above average height for a Filipino male. In fact, Vice’s male co-stars that are listed here are above average height, and so is Anne Curtis! As a matter of note the average height for a Filipina woman is 1.5 m.

Because of his height, Vice did well as a kid playing basketball but his real love was playing volleyball. Nowadays basketball is just a little too physical to take part in, he has said. There is even the memorable quote that, “If you don’t want to get hurt in basketball, play chess instead.”

Still an Avid Basketball Fan

Even though Vice Ganda (whose full real name is Jose Marie Borja Viceral) may not play regular pick-up games during his time off, he is still an active fan and supporter of basketball teams and players. The following video was posted to YouTube in 2013.

As well, Vice’s Alma Mater, Far Eastern University in Manila, has it’s own team, the Tamaraws, which plays in University Athletic Association of the Philippines basketball games. Vice can often be seen in attendance at their games showing whatever his latest hairstyle and hair color is, supporting still the latest roster of players which are like family to him.

Vice Ganda at FEU game
FEU game. Credit – ABS-CBN

Here also is some fresh Valentine’s Day Vice Ganda comedy to enjoy with a few more funny quotes:

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Photo ofJose Marie Borja Viceral
Jose Marie Borja Viceral
Jose Marie Borja Viceral
Vice Ganda
(Vice Ganda)