Vice Ganda Age

What’s Vice Ganda’s Age – And Much More!

Short answer: 40, at this writing (4 March 2017)

Since Vice Ganda’s birthdate is March 31, 1976 (Aries) he will soon be turning 41! Vice Ganda Age

Born as Jose Marie Borja Viceral in Tondo, Manila, where he also grew up, his father was the Barangay Captain of Manuguit. The father was murdered in front of their home there when Vice was just 13. Shortly afterward Vice’s mother left to the U.S. to work to make up for the loss of income from the untimely death of her husband.

From the earliest times even before the Spanish conquest of The Philippines Islands there is known to have been a tradition of comedy and rituals. At the time of the later 20th century these Filipino comedies started to change into a more light and pleasing presentation, but now of course it has evolved as time passed into what we see in present times.

To prevent Filipino comedy from becoming just the same sounding as what was before, innovative directors of the Philippines film industry have conjured up new themes that brings a new genre to comedy. They have re-discovered old truths wherein words are not always enough and that it helps to inject satire into the art form. These are all a means to explore different branches of the human personality and the reactions that the audience will have to the comedian’s performance.

Mr. Vice Ganda has been most fortunate in learning first hand from some of the very best directors in the Filipino film industry.

Some of these newly evolving forms of comedy employ broken English. Ask anyone who speaks English as a second or third language and they will tell you that having perfect English grammar is a huge challenge. So, it makes sense to make a joke of it, especially when perfectionism in language is such a rigid standard. The difficulty is even true that for those whose mother tongue is English, sometimes they will still suffer from failure. Not all Filipinos become comfortable speaking in broken English, and in fact those who are most uncomfortable in doing so never attempt to speak any English at all even though they may have had many years of training in school. For everyone in this predicament it can be especially easy to laugh at someone who comfortably and obviously butchers the language mercilessly.

There is a particular Filipino term, “isang taong tatanga-tanga,” which means that every locale will have their own village idiot. Expanding on this and using it for a comedy section whether in song or dialogue in a skit or movie is one of several common but original Filipino tools in the industry. It follows that collectively the Filipino people are collectively some of the most joyful people anywhere. Circumstances always happen in life that challenge our ability to cope up, and comedy is a certain way to once again find a way to be happy.

Vice Ganda has proven that he has a great ability and talent in comedy and certainly his success in films, movies, videos, tv shows, concerts and on stage has rewarded him in this.

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